Asphalt & Parking Lot Maintenance services


parking lot maintenance

The first step in maintaining your pavement, is to start with sealcoating. A process in which a small layer of liquid asphalt emulsion is applied to an asphalt surface, through spraying or broom applications, to protect it from oxidation, erosion, freeze cracking and water penetration and give it a Uniform, “Pleasing to the Eye”, deep black finish; that protects your asphalt.

Crack Sealing

Crack Seal
Crack Fill

If your driveway or parking lot already has developing or developed cracks, these can be detrimental to an asphalt layer and the base underneath, in some cases immediately. Areas with larger, older and connected cracks, can turn into pot-holes.  Prevent this from happening by sealing the cracks.


New Layout
Re stripe

ARCON, LLC can provide any asphalt line striping, curb painting, lettering, numbering, handicap logos, safety area or specialty logos that you need. We can meet current ADA (American Disability Act) regulations for parking lots. Whether it is just a few lines, a small parking lot, big parking lot, we will install any lines or shapes you desire. 

Asphalt/Concrete Patching and Curb Repair

Concrete repairs
asphalt repairs
curb repair

Whether the asphalt developed a pot-hole from a low spot, or from cracking that cause pieces of the asphalt to break-away and come free, pot-holes are an eye-sore, trip hazard, auto hazard and an immediate cause for losing the integrity of your asphalt surface, if left un-patched.



Cleaning/Sweeping operations are vital in the sealcoat process to ensure a proper bond is made between the sealer and existing asphalt.

New Construction

New asphalt driveways
New concrete driveways
New construction
Concrete work

ARCON, LLC constructs new driveways (asphalt or concrete) as well.  Give us a call for a quote.

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Bumper Block Installation


Bumper block are a key piece to protecting your investment from auto mobile accidents

Sign Installation


We offer sign installation for your parking lot projects.